Toddlers and Superheroes


Pretty cool fightscene by the world champion of swordfighting :) (Yes, the heroine!)

Even more brilliance :D

Right! Gotte find some hairclips :D

I'd really love to watch this :P

Who says you can't? :P (Thanks Mare!)

Don't underestimate the intelligence of animals.

Our great leader's greatest triumphs and dirty US propaganda!

Old man the barbarian needs to be a movie now!

Chris Tucker voicing ALL of the stormtroopers ^_^ (part 2 )


Bopping for uterus like a champ!

The year of Luigi has been extended!

Watch out for those low poly-models :)


Best one yet? (Thanks Jelle M.)

What if indeed :)

Brilliantly done :)

I'd watch this :)

Funny :)

Nice initiative! You can already buy these outside the super-market :) And they are usually cheaper too!