An all singing, all jingling, bouncing, flying, running, crying and of course batman, holiday season to all!


I'll go with smoking, food and drinking as my extreme sport :) S

Starts silly, becomes awesome :)

For that jingling christmas cheer (I spelled jiggling wrong :P )

Santa! Err....Yaj?

Why is this funny? Just imagine they're looking at your penis... or ladyparts :P

And this is why the Japanese are awesome :)


Clever crow loves snowboarding

MOAR BATMANS BECAUSE MOAR! (also this one isn't on the Youtubes yet!)


Wow! So video! Much funny.

Mr.Crab - does what crabs do? (Thanks Thierry!)

You win this one Riot Software, bravo!

Awesome animation!


Just plain brilliant!

DUTCH WARNING: Nu dit achter de rug is: "fantastisch" :)

I love the Doge meme and this little Weebl's animation hits the spot :)

Time to make the girls swoon?

Brilliant piece of comedy :)

I shared this one a long time ago but it's still brilliant :D The power of suggestion. (Thanks Takei) (and 2 3 and 4