Toddlers and Superheroes


Pretty cool fightscene by the world champion of swordfighting :) (Yes, the heroine!)

Even more brilliance :D

Right! Gotte find some hairclips :D

I'd really love to watch this :P

Who says you can't? :P (Thanks Mare!)

Don't underestimate the intelligence of animals.

Our great leader's greatest triumphs and dirty US propaganda!

Old man the barbarian needs to be a movie now!

Chris Tucker voicing ALL of the stormtroopers ^_^ (part 2 )


Bopping for uterus like a champ!

The year of Luigi has been extended!

Watch out for those low poly-models :)


Best one yet? (Thanks Jelle M.)

What if indeed :)

Brilliantly done :)

I'd watch this :)

Funny :)

Nice initiative! You can already buy these outside the super-market :) And they are usually cheaper too!



Lo and behold, the animals shall inherit the earth!

Fantastic! (Thanks Elke)

Brilliant TomSka video :)

How the hell did my cat succeed in making this video?

I want this auctioneer to do my Eulogy :)

This cat... keeps dropping the bass! :P


Hilarious bit from "Silicon Valley" :) Best scientific dick-joke? I think so!

This is fantastic :)

Brilliant summary!

I still don't get it, when do they show the people that act like dogs? (Thanks Mare!)


The Mating Rituals of the netizen.

I need dis!

Awesome short-film!

Great leader returns!

The mating rituals of the Socchi curler!

Brilliantly done :)

The split got more epic!

This is exactly how it must've gone :)

If this doesn't bring a smile to your face, nothing will :) (Thanks Els)

Fantastic, the point is made and still funny :)

And Ze Frank to complete the deal :)


That's it, no more internets for me!

It's incredibly funny, just watch :D I've never been so amused by sports!

:D Actually pretty good :)

Almost in key even!

Brilliant :)

And since we're on the subject, let's give you an "Enough internets for one month"



Ze Frank here with the Armadildo! (And the Dung Beetle)

Got your monthly quota of WTFs right here (Hurray Japan... for those unsated the movie name is supoosedly "Funky forest")

This one's pretty awesome! (thanks Jan)


War!, Cats and Wrecking balls!

An Engineer's guide to cats (and part two: here)

I am literally laughing my ass off :) Does someone have a needle and thread?

Amazing footage and well worth your time! Go watch :)

This one is hilarious :P Neurotic teenage boy's mind at its best :P

Oh Count.... :) (Thanks Doompony for reminding me :D )

This one was just to cool not to share :)

;) Foreign policies in a nutshell :)

Dorkly bits are back! :)

Fantastic ^_^

This so wrong.... It's hilarious :)