Braindamage, ever since the day I was born...

This pill is great and,,, wat am I doign here, I dun get dis vidya

Now that's my granddad

History of rap 4!


This dude's got talent and is funny to boot!

BRILLIANT! We must do this to ALL the movies!

Best goat remixes: The voice of the internet!


This one goes out to all the ladies!

Moms everywhere now have a guide...

Yes, thousand times yes to make this the default for Valentine's day :D

Two things are infinite: the universe and politician's stupidity... Here's one of those :)

This is how you get a lady's attention :) (Thanks Valerie)

I lolled! A lot :)

It's happening, they've pissed "Big dog" off and given it a way to kill us alll... This is the last thing any of us will see!

A good deep look into videogametropes and women in videogames

Was the destruction of the deathstar an inside job? Wake up sheeple!

The best catapult ammo ever (they just introduced visible catapult ammo in Wurm Online)

Unnecessary censorship win!


I think it's time for... der Humpink!

Yeah... so there's this... thing...

Cuteness overload (thanks Snow)

Kittenness overload? (thanks again Snow)

Allegedly the origin of the Harlem Shake style videos... this one's specifically for the ladies ^_^

Protect your children from Final Fantasy :)

The facts... of gaming

Physics! Not this Russian's forte...

Misheard hilarity ensues!

Brilliant! Just brilliant :)

Repost (if you were on the old forum), but... for THIS REASON!