COOKIE!!!! (27/08)

Heh Dorkly :)

This dog does Parkour like a boss!

This pretty much is the best prank ever :)

The fuck!


I can swing my...


Liam Neeson wins...@10:04

One man vs THE army

Well played, well played...


Ergo-nom-nom-ic Edition (20/08)

How cats land on their feet, without breaking the laws of physics (not like they care)(From Torbeest / Dieter Vieren)

Another great "How it should've ended"!

70 minutes of Russian dash-cam crashes!

Slowest police chase ever?

Only proper use of *THAT* song?

Or not...


I so want that suit!

Not bad!

Zelda reimagined as a spaghetti western!


The 10 best videos of the last week (11/08)

Batman is BAD gamer :)

The question is, is this Turkish dubstep?

New Simon's cat!

Oh I'm having what he's having!

This is pretty awesome :) PLAY THAT CANNABIS SATIVA! (Link provided by Torbeest / Dieter Vieren)

Best dad ever?

Brilliant! Bitch you better text me back!

Hah lifehacks! How could I have lived without it :) Then again nr 1 I do ALL THE TIME!

Ow YEAH :) BRILLIANT :) (Weebl's stuff! )


The 10 best videos of the last (two) weeks (06/08)

Brilliant! And I want one!

How to sleep on the couch in 3..2..1..

And your quota of WTFs for this and next month... is filled
This is so punny!

Awesome :) I do Nr.15 all the time!

The adventures of lil' Hitler?

Me gusta!

Brilliant short-film and awesome look at game-ification of our future lives
Epic Mealtime bringing another steam-pearl

No-fear cat has no fear!