Siri is a player-killer!


Check out number 4 :P

Bravo! Well done :)

Fantastic, Formidabel even ;) (Dutch alert - check the original if you lived under a rock:

This grandma rocks! (and not a chair :)

Manly man doing manly things... and junk.

This one looks pretty good, I for one, look forward to the next one :)

It's TRUE, it's ALL TRUE!

Siri is a killer DM :P

And your weekly dose of Weirdness! Straight from Japan!


Exploding actresses, agressive shrimp, cute ducklings and other crazy videos!

Just for the Casablanca bit :)

Nathan Barnatt :) Oh you know him :D

This is funnier than it should be :)

Absolutely brilliant :)

What to eat after the apocalypse (the US Nuclear Survival book from 1960 is also pretty awesome)

Someone showed me these (thanks Dries) and now I can't stop watching them :P

Watch 1 and defintely watch 3!!!

It starts off slow, but it gets AWESOME :)

Crazy Mantis Shrimps, badasses of the deep-sea.