This is why I get bored with most "horror" movies...

I can't take a shower without me shower-cigar!

While it looks disgusing, I'd still try it. Though it'd be just at the edge of whether I can keep it down. No problems with insects though!

WEEE! Another asdfmovie!

An as of yet unknown gag-reel :) THe first bit is without sound (none was recorded in that scene)


What if stockvideos had sound...

Interesting :) Well for the grognards...

Incredible video, a use for the Leidenfrost effect? :)

What if indeed....


Build me up! Buttercup!


It's true!

I've had it with these motherfucking Samuel L, Jacksons in my motherfucking movies!

Incredible couch gag by Guillermo del Toro

Get this made :)

Brilliant :)

Nice one cracked1

Nasty but true!

Now this is a delicious prank!


This needs to happen more often!