Best descibed as: Epic Russians!

This kid's got talent!

Epic Meal-time brings us Epic Chef!

Hitler plays NC on Planetside 2 (and it's so true!) (Thanks Snow)

Our guys in Agimont (paintball)(Thanks Snow)

There isn't a blog that cannot be improved by more RUSSIANS!

And the "wrong" video of the year goes to...

Best marketing campaign ever?

He's been a very bad man!

More russian pearls :) (Thanks Doompony)

Epic Mealtime Christmas win!


Imitation is the sincerest form of rip-off... or something...

D'aw :(

I'm not sure who imitates whom.

Oh but I'd cancel the meeting :)

Motormouth Jones (Michael Winslow), my favourite part of the Police Academy Series

You disgust me!

Bane's Dietary concerns! Spoiler warning!

The future is now :)

I'd get her carpet cleaner ^_^

And this how the medics in videogames are now realistic! Thanks Darpa!

Epic Rap Battles somehow caught Snoop.... Something


Your eyes... can no longer be trusted!

Incredible well done stop-motion animation!

Tonight... cat.... is a dj!

Great homage to our beloved classics...

Well-made anti-smoking commercial :)

Even russian cats don't give a fuck!

People should stop telling their kids they can become anything they dream off... This one chose to become human waste,

Dogs have already shot their owners, now they're teaching them to drive?

Extend the eloquence of these vocal conceptions

Gah physics are bugged again...

Nice routine


Ninjas, craziness and GIANT BRASS BALLS!

Giant fucking balls I tell you!

The fail is strong this week...

I bet this is why they used to depict satan as a goat...


Oh cracked :) Going the Dorkly route?


Japanese WTF of the month!

Hilarious! Some Brazillion candid cameraprogram toyed with an elevator and a little scary girl

What did your dog do today?

I gave it all of five seconds :)