If I ever visit Russia I'm going to be so disappointed if crazy shit doesn't keep happening around me...

Another month, another fail compilation?

More russian tales of inebriation and idiocy, and every permutation thereof

These old guys are pretty good!


10 cool things about the illusion of time :)

As it says on the tin :) Now I'll hone my fighter-jet pilot-like reflexes some more!

Damn woman, can't you see I'm filling out these forms?

Scary kids are kids too!

Without smashing in your skull :)

This worked out well :P


These videos aren't going to watch themselves...

Pretty good :)

This comes straight out of life itself!

This dude put a turbocharged Volvo engine in his tractor...

Fantastic vid! (Thanks Koen Vinckx)

An Extreme Rube Sportberg? machine? (Thanks Snow)

So how will you die?

For those whom haven't seen them yet, the new BSG uniquely on youtube! (First episode here, there are three more and they're pretty good)

This parrot does a great impression :)

This one's hilarious....

More Russian driver fun :)


World War Z, surviving the apocalypse,... I'm seriously not hinting at anything...

Best of the web compilation : Surpising how many of those I already posted (on the old forum too)

Nam-nam style! Baby only wants to eat when Gangnam style is on!

This trailer is too awesome for words!

Pretty good, best part starts at 2:30

FPS Russia showing us the best weapons for the Apocalypse

Cool and easy explanation and well animated!

Is he truly? Comment below! (I do underscribe the multiple Bond theory)

Someone almost slipped off her chair...

I did not know this... It does fit with why mass can't ever reach lightspeed though

Ehrrmegerd a serng!


It's the lyrical, empyrical, Byte in the limelight, bringing you songs and dance, that are extremely tight.... (and funny!)

This one's brilliant!

Mariooooo's... last life is gone...

Their girlfriends must love them *wink*wink*

It's the trollevator! (there are three more 1, 2, 3.)


Nicely done, the Disney princesses return, with a new face.

Love the AAHNAALD face :)

Go home goats, you're drunk!

Mortal Kombat style? (and here I thought we would go a week without PSY / This one's even better: here)

Yeah stop her! Stop her hard!


One man! Made a funny post... on his blog! Coming to you, right now!

It is ... GLORIOUS!

Awesome! Someone make this game :)

^_^ Ah candy-trading :) Who is John Galt?

It's hell to cut through all the gangnam crap, but sometimes another pearl appears

Obligatory decent halloween themed video

Fantastic! (Thanks Sarah Van Sanden)


Awesome :) Some are actually playing dead, not just lying down!

I'm hiring this kid to narrate my every move!

Trick or treat! - I didn't order hookers!