EMT bringing us a Valentine's special :)

You just bought 10000 liters of milk! (Thanks YukiAkari)

That's the thing about the middle-ages... those guys hadn't learned about gravity yet...

This one's pretty darn funny :) Straight... out of life...

A cleverbot original... an intelligence spawned by catchphrases, trolls and pop-culture.

My thought exactly,,, *gollum*gollum*

These are pretty good ;)

Push it long enough and ALL of the money will be yours!

Yaj ASDF6!

Crazyness of the week, move over gangnam! (local discos don't seem to like this very much though...)



Who doesn't forget their sword on the bus?

Thanks Yuki, for reminding me to SHOW MY GENITALS.... or something :)

No more telemarketers after this one :)

This happens way too much...

If this dude doesn't get all of the girls... I've got no idea why I'm practicing my singing voice...


This one is incredibly well done :)

Makes you think... Except we all know that each of those possibilities did happen in an alternate universe ;)

I just want to coat myself in this for the lulz, and then walk out of the pool ^_^ Heck maybe I'll walk on it like Jesus :)

Big kittens playing with a mirror (first time my cat showed real interest with what was on my screen)


She just wanted to try the uniform on...

Probably THE best flight attendant in the world ;)

Google Translate WHAT?

I think I posted this on the forum a long time ago, but here it is again... it's that awesome (thanks Teekey!)

Boy that escalated quickly...

Create something that will make the world awesome!

For referees in training :)

I love these :)

They did it again! (This time in Holland)

This kid doesn't look it, but 'es got talent :)