We saw your boobs!

I use my outdoor murder spray indoors!

Seth McFarlane putting his finger in the gaping wound of Hollywood's built in sexism

How-to: Make football awesome!

NASA: Doing it right!

Cracked me up :P

Still want to play this...

These songs sound better than the original ;)


Awesome and funny animation :) Makes up for the singing ^_^

Give scientists a big budget and "Go destroy this indestructible thing" :)


And now to convince Daniel Day-Lewis to play Byte in the upcoming feature-film titled "Byte"

Dip it in carbonite!

Must've been the bestest stick!

Do these guns .... *DROP*?

After the success of Lincoln, Obama :)

This one is awesome :) Previous one (I missed it): Part one

Future me, don't put this video in next week!

Nicely done!

Watch this. It's a great inspirational video, and may give you some ideas or a spark to make our lives seem less dreary...

Once more for a good and funny commercial :)

This couple is amazing ;)


The lipreading of the dead...

Jon Lajoie (the one from show me your genitals) bringing us some REAL RAP! FROM DA (sesame)STREETS!

Just Brilliant :)

(Dutch warning)Was probleem? Ik zie geen probleem,

WTF of the week (brought to you by Tom B.)

This one's really well done and funny to boot :)

Awesome :)

Pretty awesome! Thanks Maxkeeuuh!

Proof that all cats are assholes, and hate cameras!

Bad zombie lip-reading

Still did a better job than a few I know :) (Thanks Hans V.)