FWP: Too many funny videos!

The Russians sure have improved the internet :)

Case in point: I've watched this 748 times and it keeps getting funnier...

Hahaha, awesome :)


I NEED THIS! I've got an unholy hatred for flies, and being able to SHOOT them is awesome!

I have too many games to play : FWP

Big trouble, in little Gangnam (featuring the original Lo Pan actor (not as Lo Pan))

Snow loves this oldie, it's a good'un! (Thanks Martin Snow)

This is a good prank, we'll kill him last

Being drunk: Expectation VS Reality


Because PG13 is for Pussies!

More crazy videos, there's of course a lot of gangnam in this one. You cannot have a decent post without PSY galloping through it :) But we'll make do!

Oppan Robot style? (thanks: Dieter Vieren)

WTF at the start, stay for the ending :) (thanks: Martin Snow)

Freddy bringing another masterpiece

Nice... uhm... Pranks!

PG13 is for pussies! (thanks: Kevin Smeyers)

The gangnam is strong in this one

You don't want to see me when I'm Gangnam!

As it says on the ... video

Zet die "Untergang" af!

This is the way to open a shaken can


Crazy-ass videos galore!

I'm just gonna make a post whenever I get ten videos :) Because it's too damn random! This short film is... SO DAMN COOL!

Crazy-ass shit from Japan, because we can!

This little pearl of Zoochosis doesn't fail either :)

Another bad lip-reading

I dunno lol, it just cracked me up!

GREAT commercial! Sucky beverage.

Shouldn't have upgraded to IOS6...


Ma homey Obama in hiz-ouse!

Brilliant! Just brilliant :)


Meanwhile in an alternate universe...

I'd have totally made my next blog-post :) Just been busy working on my internship project this sunday. In any case:


You better not...

I thought this would go an entirely different way

Awesome short-film of our favourite silent protagonist

And another one, completely rendred in Brender

ANother awesome musical :) (remember: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0Rau01wbeo)

Another week, another gangnam style (this one's well worth watching)

If all public service announcements were as good as this one, we'd be watching those for entertainment when we get home. That and trying to find out how those seashells work.


A precious, precious EXTRA POST Yeah!

Got a shitload of extra videos last week, all awesome. So a midweek special it is :) Yeej a goat!

Why didn't anyone do stuff like this when I was in school (thanks Dieter Vieren)

Dorkly :)

Leather boobs!

The best gangnam elevator yet :)

Skyrim style?

How to get with the precious (or don't... you know, whatever.)

What the hell else could you want :)

Fail compilation! (thanks Snow)

The devil's own luck!



Skillz bitches!

Not bad! (and look at how many ASIANS, that's a Californian University)

Gandalf Style :)

This is skirting OCD... (Thanks Dieter Vieren / Torbeest)

BLOADUH! NO FANNY! (Thanks Tom Bleys)

This is more creepy than funny (original) - Thanks again Tom Bleys




Great animation