An all singing, all jingling, bouncing, flying, running, crying and of course batman, holiday season to all!


I'll go with smoking, food and drinking as my extreme sport :) S

Starts silly, becomes awesome :)

For that jingling christmas cheer (I spelled jiggling wrong :P )

Santa! Err....Yaj?

Why is this funny? Just imagine they're looking at your penis... or ladyparts :P

And this is why the Japanese are awesome :)


Clever crow loves snowboarding

MOAR BATMANS BECAUSE MOAR! (also this one isn't on the Youtubes yet!)


Wow! So video! Much funny.

Mr.Crab - does what crabs do? (Thanks Thierry!)

You win this one Riot Software, bravo!

Awesome animation!


Just plain brilliant!

DUTCH WARNING: Nu dit achter de rug is: "fantastisch" :)

I love the Doge meme and this little Weebl's animation hits the spot :)

Time to make the girls swoon?

Brilliant piece of comedy :)

I shared this one a long time ago but it's still brilliant :D The power of suggestion. (Thanks Takei) (and 2 3 and 4


BIG BADABOOM and Baby Mamas!

Ze Frank and the Cuttlefish :D

^_^ (Watch Wolverine and Gambit too!)


It's a gud'un! (Thanks Erika)

Ka-BOOM! Scary shit and makes you think, also the one-upmansship of the US is terrifying... Never knew so many tests were run...

They're all pretty awesome!


JVC's Epic Split outtakes ^_^

Pretty much how it happened I'm sure!

This is bloody hilarious and awesome at the same time! (part 2)


Khalakka dothrae mr’anha.

Hehehehe :)

Incredible space marine armour

EMT bringing dat information :)

Uhm, what?

One of the most, if not THE most impressive cosplay I've seen yet :)

Brilliant, love the quips at the start, high five for who gets the references :D

Obligatory "Daaaaww!" video :)

Incroyable! (Thanks Kevin)

All gold this week :D

Awesome :) (Thanks Jasper)



This is why I get bored with most "horror" movies...

I can't take a shower without me shower-cigar!

While it looks disgusing, I'd still try it. Though it'd be just at the edge of whether I can keep it down. No problems with insects though!

WEEE! Another asdfmovie!

An as of yet unknown gag-reel :) THe first bit is without sound (none was recorded in that scene)


What if stockvideos had sound...

Interesting :) Well for the grognards...

Incredible video, a use for the Leidenfrost effect? :)

What if indeed....


Build me up! Buttercup!


It's true!

I've had it with these motherfucking Samuel L, Jacksons in my motherfucking movies!

Incredible couch gag by Guillermo del Toro

Get this made :)

Brilliant :)

Nice one cracked1

Nasty but true!

Now this is a delicious prank!


This needs to happen more often!



Worth it for the ending bit

It's been a long time since I had a cute / sweet video... So here's to overcompensation :P

Great prank :) Although I doubt you wouldn't see it's a television :S (thanks Jelle)


One of the best bits of Family guy... In live action!

Awwww yeaaaah! Clumsy cats :D

Amazing! Best use of a GoPro yet! A must watch :)

Nananananana nananana ,,,, (Thanks Bones)

Fantastic Breaking Bad parody :)




Amazing fan-film (Fallout New Vegas)

Awesome parkour :)

:D The only good thing that's come out of WoW recently?

It's the week of cool fan-material :) What if eh...

A bit by Alex Agnew, wonderfully edited unto original footage :) (A modicum of dutch and german is needed to get the jokes - Thanks Lewiet)

Funny short-film. What would you do?

Clever dog!

This is... magic!

Let's imagine it was just unpacked and still unused... :P

Weirdness of the week (Thanks Laura)


I have watched that "You got my love" video FAR TOO OFTEN :P

Thanks Doompony... I guess... For ruining me ever wanting to go to sleep again.

Can't deny a nice pair right in the face! (thanks Marijke - for the link :P)


Watch it, trust me :)



'=' (thanks Kevin)

A new meme has been born... It's... beautiful!

This shit is pretty cool!

Crazy japanese, bringing us this gem :)


You either watch a cat video or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


This short film looks amazing!

Closer than we think?


Another incredible fan-film!

Part 2.... I think I just fell in love with the voice-actress?

Awesome! (Thanks Dieter)

I know that feel bro!

Breaking Bad brought by kids (good start for the new episodes, the finale started)

For once they got a really interesting slow-motion video (and Freddie W.)


Breaking Blog - Yeah! Science bitch!

Bill Nye the Science Guy dropping some science on us :)

Holy shit Michael Bay makes documentaries! (some other angle here with more explosions)

First one cracked me up, that German speaker is having far too much fun :P (part 2 and 3)

Brilliant! Every single time!

The EVE version (eve-ntually :P )

Get informed... alright! Giggity!

Really good impersonator, only a few a bit off :) Respect.

The new Batman VS Superman movie as discussed by the gents themselves

Awesome :D (spoiler alert, but if so... WHAT THE HELL? GO WATCH IT NOW!)

Eh what? What was this video about?


Siri is a player-killer!


Check out number 4 :P

Bravo! Well done :)

Fantastic, Formidabel even ;) (Dutch alert - check the original if you lived under a rock:

This grandma rocks! (and not a chair :)

Manly man doing manly things... and junk.

This one looks pretty good, I for one, look forward to the next one :)

It's TRUE, it's ALL TRUE!

Siri is a killer DM :P

And your weekly dose of Weirdness! Straight from Japan!


Exploding actresses, agressive shrimp, cute ducklings and other crazy videos!

Just for the Casablanca bit :)

Nathan Barnatt :) Oh you know him :D

This is funnier than it should be :)

Absolutely brilliant :)

What to eat after the apocalypse (the US Nuclear Survival book from 1960 is also pretty awesome)

Someone showed me these (thanks Dries) and now I can't stop watching them :P

Watch 1 and defintely watch 3!!!

It starts off slow, but it gets AWESOME :)

Crazy Mantis Shrimps, badasses of the deep-sea.



The fists of Jesus!

Spoiler alert: Good HISHE for Iron Man 3 (How it should've ended...)

A tale of a bear and a monkey on a bike AKA wtf china?

Seriously if you think this, rethink your partner.... ;) (and part 2)

This one's awesome :) (thanks Valérie)

This one's fantastic :D I'd say miraculously well done :)

Mind (and ears) properly fucked!

And the original is just as good :)

Kenshin only did this once, then he never got tricked by a mirror again.

This one's pretty interesting :)

Oh he knows :) And doesn't care :D


The Return of the beer-opening Game of Gangnam Style... or something

The new Xbox One reveal boiled down to its essence

An awesome supercut now we're getting them back... soon!

Best 6 second videos :)

Best bachelor yet! (episode 2)

Cool effects apart from the blowing up :) LOVE the sounds!

Epically opening beers! Now, to get a helicopter...

Interbrew have their own version iirc

Fallon continues to bring these awesome little gems :)

Oh internet... *grins*

This parror really enjoys his gangnam style (yeah I am sick of this song too but this is great :)


We saw your boobs!

I use my outdoor murder spray indoors!

Seth McFarlane putting his finger in the gaping wound of Hollywood's built in sexism

How-to: Make football awesome!

NASA: Doing it right!

Cracked me up :P

Still want to play this...

These songs sound better than the original ;)


Awesome and funny animation :) Makes up for the singing ^_^

Give scientists a big budget and "Go destroy this indestructible thing" :)


And now to convince Daniel Day-Lewis to play Byte in the upcoming feature-film titled "Byte"

Dip it in carbonite!

Must've been the bestest stick!

Do these guns .... *DROP*?

After the success of Lincoln, Obama :)

This one is awesome :) Previous one (I missed it): Part one

Future me, don't put this video in next week!

Nicely done!

Watch this. It's a great inspirational video, and may give you some ideas or a spark to make our lives seem less dreary...

Once more for a good and funny commercial :)

This couple is amazing ;)


The lipreading of the dead...

Jon Lajoie (the one from show me your genitals) bringing us some REAL RAP! FROM DA (sesame)STREETS!

Just Brilliant :)

(Dutch warning)Was probleem? Ik zie geen probleem,

WTF of the week (brought to you by Tom B.)

This one's really well done and funny to boot :)

Awesome :)

Pretty awesome! Thanks Maxkeeuuh!

Proof that all cats are assholes, and hate cameras!

Bad zombie lip-reading

Still did a better job than a few I know :) (Thanks Hans V.)


Ave caeser, moriture te flip the bird!

Here's your RAAAPEEE! Watch it :)

Supporting the "better" commercial:


THE coolest short video I've seen to date!

Dude created a fully articulate Warhammer 40K Space Marine Terminator suit! Impressive!

"Look at me now" by a dude while immitating Family Guy voices :)

I'm not batman...anymore... Again!

Yeah stop teasing me with your giant... face :P

Just pull your pants down and fart your intestines all over your attackers! It might just work!



It puts the lotion in the basket...


WANT! (Thanks YukiAkari)

:D Now to unload 700 worthless grey things :)


Seriously... why haven't they shut down that school?

Do they move in herds?

The new PSY, it has some pretty good bits :)

This trailer is brilliant :)


Sulfur Hexafluoride... I want some of this stuff!


Du brauchst keine Angst zu habe, bootsjunge!

Terraria related but still great even if you don't know it :) (Thanks Snow)

This is how it is...

When nature makes you look like a ballsack...

Let's taco about your problems...

Another brilliant epic Rap Battle of History that I somehow missed...

Bootsjunge... Old one. I showed this to some Germans and they loved it (Thanks Yuki, EvilDuck)

So sad, so true :)

So realistic!

I especially like the security guard at the end :)

Learning physics for morons: The hard way!


Braindamage, ever since the day I was born...

This pill is great and,,, wat am I doign here, I dun get dis vidya

Now that's my granddad

History of rap 4!


This dude's got talent and is funny to boot!

BRILLIANT! We must do this to ALL the movies!

Best goat remixes: The voice of the internet!