I have watched that "You got my love" video FAR TOO OFTEN :P

Thanks Doompony... I guess... For ruining me ever wanting to go to sleep again.

Can't deny a nice pair right in the face! (thanks Marijke - for the link :P)


Watch it, trust me :)



'=' (thanks Kevin)

A new meme has been born... It's... beautiful!

This shit is pretty cool!

Crazy japanese, bringing us this gem :)


You either watch a cat video or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


This short film looks amazing!

Closer than we think?


Another incredible fan-film!

Part 2.... I think I just fell in love with the voice-actress?

Awesome! (Thanks Dieter)

I know that feel bro!

Breaking Bad brought by kids (good start for the new episodes, the finale started)

For once they got a really interesting slow-motion video (and Freddie W.)


Breaking Blog - Yeah! Science bitch!

Bill Nye the Science Guy dropping some science on us :)

Holy shit Michael Bay makes documentaries! (some other angle here with more explosions)

First one cracked me up, that German speaker is having far too much fun :P (part 2 and 3)

Brilliant! Every single time!

The EVE version (eve-ntually :P )

Get informed... alright! Giggity!

Really good impersonator, only a few a bit off :) Respect.

The new Batman VS Superman movie as discussed by the gents themselves

Awesome :D (spoiler alert, but if so... WHAT THE HELL? GO WATCH IT NOW!)

Eh what? What was this video about?